We represent
a group of companies for renovation, construction and cleaning houses.
Our projects are located throughout central Florida.

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Group of construction companies has more than 10 partners in its composition. This brand optimally distribute the work and costs. This increases the quality of work and reduce the execution time. It optimizes costs for equipment and advertising, which significantly affects the price of our service.


Our team collaborates with renowned architects, homeowners, designers, real estate professionals and consultants in addition to quality craftsmen. Our body of work over the last few decades represents and encompasses a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. We work diligently to achieve consistently high quality standards in all of our projects.


Our team has over 18 years of experience in building almost every taste of architechture. There are however, some areas where we have our own unique styles and designs. The services included:

Design and Drafting

Bold Renovation Group (BRG) offers cost effective detailed design drafting, residential drafting, structural drafting services as per latest trends in the Industry. Our proficiency in providing the most accurate structural drafting services makes us better than any other services providers.
We have a strong team of widely experienced structural engineers that are always ready to provide ideal, high value and cost effective structural drafting services within given time limit.
We are capable to handle small to large size and simple to complex projects. We provide accurate detailed design drafting, residential drafting services in different formats to meet client's requirements.


We can provide you with consulting when it comes to :
  •     Land Consulting
  •     Plumbing Consulting
  •     Electrical Consulting
  •     Mechanical Consulting
BRG offers a full range of construction related services, from pre-construction services through to construction management and general contracting services. Annually, we complete well over 50 projects of all sizes, ranging


We employ highly skilled professionals, majority who have completed higher education in the construction industry, including CAD traineeships. If your home looks dull, out of date, not exciting, contact us and we'll explain to you what we can offer. We offer from Roof restoration, Interior and Exterior Painting, manor and major refurbishments. Our restorations don't stop just at Private property, we also provide restorations at government, business and rural areas.
Private Homes

We provide hundreds of options when it comes to building you private home. 

Send us your plan, and we're sure to get back to you.


BRG is synonymous with everything you're looking for in a commercial fit-out partner. We are committed, dedicated, highly professional and devoted to delivering exceptional quality at every stage of your fit-out project.

BRG undertake decor works in Palaces, Villas, Towers, Mosques, Shopping centers, Showrooms, offices and Shops. We have a strong and experienced team of executives, supervisors, foremen, moulders, fixers and other site personnel.

Other Services

We have high quality wood workshops that specialise in the art of woodwork. Designed for contractors and furniture manufacturers it offers the best in wood manufacturing.

BRG manufactures and installs a complete line of quality, wielded aluminium water storage tanks, steels railings and gates. All products are custom manufactured to meet all of your specifications and needs. The products that we build and install will surpass all state and federal safety and quality codes.